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Head of Marketing & E-Commerce

Job Description (English)
Job Summary: 

The primary objectives are to deliver a seamless customer experience across all customer touch points, whilst ensuring each brand’s integrity and standards. Each customer should feel engaged, through a combination of communicating relevant offers through an understanding each customer’s behaviours, creating premium online/offline content and harnessing a technology architecture that ultimately delivers the Omnichannel capabilities. Responsible for measurement and reporting of revenue coming from online, offline and Omnichannel strategies, in order to track and improve ROI on continual basis.

Duties & Responsibilities: 
  • Develop, implement and drive a technology architecture, that integrates and aligns with the commercial needs to bring accessibility and delivery to customers anytime, anyplace
  • The Omnichannel strategies should bring increased efficiencies, reduced overall OPEX and higher sales, in addition to accessibility to our customers and knowledge of their behaviours
  • Develop first class customer relationship management, customer service and customer experience both offline and online
  • Lead internal communication and related committees on how each department needs to make adjustments to the developments of Omnichannel
  • Develop, implement and manage an integrated loyalty program, based on “real loyalty”
  • Develop communication and commercial strategies that engage with customers to further drive loyalty
  • Oversee development and execution of all marketing budgets and adherence to brand guidelines
  • Accountable for the alignment of the technology to the commercial needs and to work with the Division and Department Heads, to align with the required workflows
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the marketing activities and programs, recommending opportunities for better ROI in future
  • Monitoring the marketplace and conducting analysis on key competitors
  • Ensure we stay informed and on time with new industry initiatives and developments.
  • Blue sky thinking, planning and implementation for customer experiences (offline & online)
  • Oversee the cross-channel marketing and communication campaigns for all brands: covering all areas of the online and offline mix: CRM, advertising, SEM, social, affiliates, partnerships, PR, company’s website and other corporate new media channels.

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